Trees Planted So Far : 9 8 2 3 2 9 1 2 3 2 and still counting...

Billion Tree Plantation

Supporting the 1 billion tree plantation means you are Saving Your Mother Earth for your own future generation! So let us work together to safe-guard our nature’s resources!!

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Green Wall

India’s Coastal Lines and shores are vulnerable to soil erosion, cyclones, calamities and such many pernicious threats including monsoon vagaries, climate change effects. So let us mitigate such issues and causes!!

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One the name of "Rights" and "livelihoods", there are many instances that over-tap and non-judiciously destroy the resources and especially the forests, forest lands, hillocks, swamps etc. So let us save the land and its resources.

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Spread the TAGs

GIT has resourcefully developed many TAGS, Posters, Banners, Pamphlets etc on various subjects and topics. Buy them and promote the innovative, educative and life-changing such Tags and resources.

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Provide Health Care

It is GIT’s long time visionary project that to establish a multi-specialty community-hospital with free care to rural poor and other needy lives in urban settlements too.

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Gift A Plant

You can gift a plant or such infrastructure, mobility, equipments, machineries etc. that are highly needy for GIT to carry out the project and future interventions, sustainability and empowerment. And so let us help each other to develop Greenery.

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STOP Killing Trees

The plastics and its various uses kill the Earth so as the nailing and hanging hoardings, boards, advertisements fluxes, posters etc. on trees KILL them gradually preventing growth! So let us fight against these practices on our Mother Land.

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BHARAT Gram Sevak

Every life and action of human beings should be at par with Nature’s Laws and balancing. So join GIT to educate people for a LIFE 100% line with Nature so to have development and long lasting survival.

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Promote Indian Heritage Cultures

Help to spread the centuries old Indian culture, heritages, unity in diversity, national integration and all echoed beyond landmarks and made India’s in harmonious living. So Let us handhold each other to spread our values across the sub continent and the globe.

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